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How To Pronounce Tinnitus:   “tin-it-us” or “tin-eye-tus” either pronunciation is acceptable

Tinnitus can be very disruptive, preventing people from getting an adequate night’s sleep, distracting them from their daily activities, or causing them anxiety and depression. There are many options available for tinnitus relief so the underlying cause should always be investigated.

Sometimes it is a condition that can be treated, such as when a person has blood vessel problems and the tinnitus may well disappear along with the other symptoms. In cases where the tinnitus is caused by trauma to the ears or a head injury that led to tinnitus for example, the symptoms can be treated but not the root cause. Fortunately tinnitus relief can be achieved externally.

This website has been set up to help tinnitus sufferers get a better understanding about their condition, the possible causes, treatments available, and where to find help. We encourage you to browse through our pages where you’ll find plenty of information, help and guidance.

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It is to your advantage to try a range of options to reduce your tinnitus symptoms. Certain habits can change blood circulation, which is a potential cause of, or contributor to tinnitus. An audiologist should be your first step in the treatment of tinnitus.

Caffeine:  A high intake of caffeine can actually contribute to the characteristic tinnitus ringing sound due to the huge shifts in bodily functions it causes. You are advised to consider reducing your caffeine intake if possible, or at least testing it as a possible therapy in reducing the effects of tinnitus.

Alcohol:  Alcohol is potentially a worse stressor for tinnitus, because it has significant consequences for the blood vessels and head. Alcohol can also increase stress levels and aggravate tinnitus symptoms by proxy. Ideally your alcohol consumption should be reduced in a sensible manner, or better still refrain from alcohol completely.

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Environment:  Whenever you are exposed to a noisy environment you should wear ear protection such as ear muffs or earplugs, or try to make changes to your lifestyle to avoid further damage to your ears.

A quiet environment is also a good background for external tinnitus relief. A fan, quiet radio music, MP3 player set at low volume, or other types of white noise can blend in with the tinnitus noise, and in fact mask the hissing or buzzing.

While sleeping, you could try using white noise as both a relaxant and an external therapy.

It is beneficial to alert your family and friends about your condition so they can avoid unintentionally aggravating it with loud abrupt noises; perhaps some will be happy to provide you with emotional support when it is needed.

Psychological:  The psychological effects of tinnitus must also be addressed. When tinnitus causes significant emotional problems you should consider seeing a trained therapist, or working with a tinnitus support group. You should also educate yourself about your condition to know which course of action is best, and to feel better about the prognosis. Tinnitus relief is just as much a matter of personally coping with the condition as it is making external changes.

We urge you to seek expert help for your tinnitus relief rather than suffering the condition unnecessarily.

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