Alternative Tinnitus Therapy

Alternative tinnitus therapy, sometimes referred to as “Complementary” therapy, has been quite extensively researched and well documented over the last 10 years. Some sufferers have had success, others have found the treatments to be ineffective. These therapies are mostly very safe, however there can be risks and these should be checked out before embarking on your chosen program. Another aspect to consider is the cost as some therapies can get quite expensive.

Alternative Tinnitus TherapyAcupuncture
Acupuncture has been used in our society to treat most illnesses including tinnitus. As acupuncture works through the nervous system in the body, controlled research studies have concluded that acupuncture is a valuable therapeutic alternative for tinnitus suffers. The research also points out that acupuncture does not work for everyone and in some cases relief disappears after 6 months.

Nearly all mental and physical diseases, including tinnitus, have been treated using hypnotherapy. To date hypnotherapy has not produced a reduction in the noise of tinnitus sufferers. However the feeling of “well being” and increased relaxation has had a genuine positive result allowing the tinnitus stress to be handled on a daily basis much more comfortably. A recent survey of tinnitus sufferers who were given hypnotherapy, found that 30% said it did help them to tolerate tinnitus.

Electromagnetic Therapy 
Wikepedia definition “…a form of alternative medicine which claims to treat disease by applying electromagnetic radiation or pulsed electromagnetic fields to the body…”
As an alternative tinnitus therapy, research to date has shown no improvement with the treatment using high-frequency pulsed electromagnetic energy (Diapulse).

Vitamins and Supplements
Studies are now showing that some vitamins, supplements and a healthy lifestyle are beneficial in relieving tinnitus. For further information check out our section on tinnitus vitamins and find out about foods that help tinnitus.

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2 Responses to “Alternative Tinnitus Therapy”

  1. Rosalyn says:

    I know acupuncture is supposed to help all kinds of disorders but I can’t stand the thought of needles being stuck all over my body. If I knew it worked, I’d give it a go because my tinnitus is driving me nuts. I’ve already tried lots of other methods and this is almost my last resort.

    • Anne says:

      You could opt for acupressure which virtually the same as acupuncture, but without the needles. The other advantage is that your caregiver can teach you to stimulate the acupoints on your own. Not scary at all :)

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