Tinnitus Causes

Tinnitus CausesKnow the Possible Causes

There are several types of tinnitus causes from ear blockage to ear infections.  In most cases, doctors can diagnose the underlying medical disorders causing the noises like buzzing, ringing and hissing in tinnitus.  Many cases, however, can remain unresolved because doctors are unable to find any underlying health issue for the symptoms.

The appropriate treatment plans for the underlying medical disorder can only be implemented upon definitive diagnosis.  The tinnitus symptoms can then be relieved, if not eliminated.

What are the possible types of tinnitus causes? 

Inner Cell Damage:  The inner ear has tiny hairs that are subjected to the pressure of environmental sound waves. When these tiny hairs are damaged, the sounds picked up by the brain are the characteristic symptoms of tinnitus, namely, ringing, buzzing and whistling. Other ear-related conditions brought about by illnesses and injuries can also cause tinnitus.

Hearing loss brought on by old age:  Hearing loss usually starts at around 60 years of age in both men and women.  Structural changes in the inner ear affect the organ’s capacity to hear in a normal way, which can lead to hearing noises.

Prolonged exposure to loud noises:  When the ears are exposed to loud noises such as the buzz from power tools, heavy equipment and firearms, these organs can suffer from permanent damage.  The extended use of portable music devices like iPods has also been known to contribute to the onset of tinnitus.

Blockage in the ears:  The most common example of blockage in the ears is impacted earwax, which can also lead to bacterial infections and eardrum irritation. Both conditions worsen the symptoms of tinnitus.

Medical disorders:  Meniere’s disease, temperomandibular joint disorders and acoustic neuroma are also types of tinnitus causes although these are uncommon. Blood vessel disorders like hypertension, atherosclerosis and head/neck tumors can also cause these noises.
Stress and depression can aggravate tinnitus.

Medications:  Certain medications have ringing in the ears as a side effect. Examples include diuretics, antibiotics, and aspirin in high doses.

If you have any of the above types of tinnitus causes, consult with your doctor for conclusive diagnosis and appropriate treatment of any underlying medical disorder and consequently, relief from the symptoms of tinnitus.

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