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Tinnitus Miracle InformationTinnitus is the technical term for a persistent ringing in the ears. It is usually a symptom of other problems, including damage to the ears or a cardiovascular disorder. At present, tinnitus is treatable sometimes, but often you will have to learn to work around it. There are many options for tinnitus remedies.  Depending on the severity of your tinnitus, you can often feel better by making simple lifestyle adjustments.

Stress Management: Stress aggravates tinnitus, and stress management through relaxation techniques and therapeutic habits like physical activity, meditation, and socializing can lead to significant improvements.

Smother Noise: You may find that using soothing music or a fan can smother the background noise that tinnitus creates, if they are in an otherwise tranquil environment. Machines that simulate white noise, or produce white noise themselves, can work just as well depending on your preference. Noises that are even-toned and mild work best.

Earplugs: Loud and abrupt noises can worsen tinnitus, and loud enough noises can cause more damage to the ears and contribute to related auditory problems. If you live in a noisy environment or regularly encounter too much noise you should invest in some earplugs or try to make the appropriate lifestyle adjustments.

Earwax Removal: Depending on the underlying cause of your tinnitus, earwax removal can reduce the symptoms of tinnitus if earwax accumulation is disrupting normal hearing enough. You should see a doctor about removing earwax rather than trying to do so on your own, which can worsen the problem if it is done incorrectly.

Drugs: Drugs can reduce tinnitus symptoms, if not actually cure the condition, since it is not strictly chemical. Some medications can actually contribute to tinnitus symptoms, and you may need to talk to your doctor about altering your current drug regimens or finding substitutes with different side effects.

Vitamins and Herbs: There is little evidence that vitamin and mineral supplements have any effect on tinnitus symptoms other than a placebo effect, and you should be wary of over-consuming certain minerals. Similarly, herbal remedies have not been shown to have any statistical effects on tinnitus symptoms, although they may have other health benefits.

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Blood Vessels and Circulation: Some tinnitus cases are related to cardiovascular or blood vessel problems, and treating those blood vessel problems would at least reduce the symptoms. Similarly, you should change any habits that negatively affect the blood vessels. Alcohol increases blood circulation in the inner ear region, which can worsen tinnitus symptoms. If you drink alcohol and depending on the severity of your tinnitus, you should consider decreasing your alcohol consumption.

Recreational Drugs: Other recreational drugs can have the same effect, especially tobacco products. Smoking leads to constriction of the blood vessels and other circulation problems, so tinnitus sufferers in particular are advised to quit smoking or reduce their exposure to secondhand smoke.

Depression and Anxiety: Tinnitus remedies should be emotional as well as physical, because it will affect people on both levels. People who have depression or anxiety as a result of tinnitus should certainly educate themselves as much as possible about their condition. There are also support groups specifically for tinnitus that have meetings in person and online. Support from family and friends can help people cope with tinnitus and face life’s challenges in general.

Tinnitus remedies of all varieties can provide hope and comfort to sufferers trying to work around their tinnitus symptoms and carry on with their lives.

Useful Resources:

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  1. Mary says:

    I found your website most helpful particularly the page on tinnitus remedies. Can you tell me if ear wax removal is painful?

    • Anne says:

      Hi Mary, I’m pleased you found the information useful. Ear wax removal is usually done at a medical surgery by trained staff and the process doesn’t involve any pain.

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